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Choir Baton

May 6, 2019

Dr. Shreyas Patel’s story of life and music is unlike any you’ve heard before. How do you balance a love for family with a love for making music? How you honor the sacrifices your parents have made for you while discovering who you are and who you want to be? Shreyas’ journey winds through the hallowed halls of England’s cathedrals, the path of immigration, a passion for music making instilled in a California high school classroom, and the expectation to go into the medical field. This interview will inspire you; for no matter your path to or through singing, music making can always be a part of your life.


Shreyas Patel, bass-baritone, is on faculty at Hillsboro High School, in Nashville, TN, serving as instructional dean and coordinator of professional development and teaching International Baccalaureate (IB) Sports, Exercise and Health Science, Medical Anatomy and Physiology, and IB Biology. His educational focus has been in educational leadership and professional practice, holding a Masters in the Art of Teaching, Medicine, and a Bachelor in Biology and a Bachelor in Chemistry.

Patel is an active soloist, chorister, conductor, and musical director. With vast experience from the great Anglican choral traditions at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, to his 35th musical production, “Hairspray!”, to oratorio performances of Bach’s St. John Passion, Patel is a versatile singer and musician. He has performed nationally with professional ensembles and maintains a busy concert schedule within the greater Nashville community and the national choral circuit. Patel was also the founder and artistic director (2007-2015) of Nashville’s critically acclaimed chamber choir, Portara Ensemble, that seeks to unite various artists and genres of music in the greater Nashville community. Patel is currently a Conducting Fellow with the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra.

Shreyas currently resides in Nashville, in the historic Waverly-Belmont community. He greatly enjoys the opportunity to work with wonderful artist-colleagues and share music in a world that needs constant reminders of the incredible beauty that collaboration, community, and music-making provides for all.

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